Aggregate MLB ballpark rankings

The following table shows the results of combining baseball stadium rankings from various media sources, ballpark geeks, and fan surveys into a composite ranking reflecting a widespread consensus.

Aggregate Rank (balanced)
Aggregate Rank (pseudo-Borda)
Aggregate Rank (Kemeny rule)
Jim Caple (2012)
Forbes (2009) (my update, 2012)
BaseCrawl (2008)
Fox Sports (2011) (2009)
111PNC ParkPIT21123312621211222123141741t43525112334
222AT&T ParkSF5233171291531123582217533t54792211151
343Fenway ParkBOS112t2122123115111212514121622211t11621764412
454Wrigley FieldCHC36t6115411415411211265t53310123t161142631223
535Camden YardsBAL434914558158112435t44123365t22321124410646
666Target FieldMIN--510--471511--92--14-12-5t-15-348--610
778Coors FieldCOL84t1157131015621611262018t989815813t17841411245511187
889Citizens Bank ParkPHI164t131810116362110112101113513991913t71015115113015301471130
997Safeco FieldSEA712t10156696621511214121617962016713t819951124113087205
101010Petco ParkSD1316t1481112151262114112171631072012857t391479113075111130
111112Yankee StadiumNYY10-2217-7222262119--45t--10410-20t13181312311303-128
121215tCiti FieldNYM18-196-8171062117--1018t--81313-11t1217619112411301530-101130
131311Busch StadiumSTL1491813510717222516142016624201471711911t11111281124715302391130
141413Comerica ParkDET1711719415132162125212520114141151161722t1968186113015301581130
151514Kauffman StadiumKC66t1241216125621911282822t21102719231018t1013232210101418241130
161615tMarlins ParkMIA--267--14-62115----------7t---24-----1130
171717Dodger StadiumLAD9108112220t2611621131121227281524161642022t614102825999139
181818Progressive FieldCLE1214t1721119201662124112921171132415142392051615112411301210221130
192020Rangers BallparkTEX1916t21142725t161962121142051518t18191521241820t237116112411301313141130
201919Minute Maid ParkHOU2219t2027162219186217132214962017626121792122161124113015308251130
212121Great American BPCIN2518252513141823222518142013813712185181413t1825251011241130153019171130
222223tMiller ParkMIL1519t2426298282629271420181310t19611182116261420271711241130153022191130
232322Turner FieldATL2114t16201917t2514621262125151925t22172224171518t2612171311241130616151130
242423tNationals ParkWSH23-2716-20t27136212314207710t--211419211021261930112411301530-211130
252525Angel StadiumLAA116t923917t21202225222125212222t8152526252422t1523182181130153020161130
262726Chase FieldARI202423282525t23252629201420241825t11182322202222t2222262311241130153012261130
272627US Cellular FieldCWS2422152482424262629122125231715162119252225272527242611241130153021231130
282828Rogers CentreTOR262529221823302422252921251923212926262327282824242127271130153024271130
292929tTropicana FieldTB3029303024282927303014202724272827282828132927283020281130153028291130 ColiseumOAK2728282923292829262928262530302325303030293028292029301130153025281130


A "t" following a number indicates a tie. A blank ("-") indicates that a ranker did not take a park into consideration, usually because it had not yet been built. A hyphenated range of numbers means that the exact rank is undetermined -- say, when the park falls outside a top-10 list or when it is rated on a tiered scale (1-5 stars/baseballs). The year numbers in the header row refer to when the rankings were created or last updated.


The pseudo-Borda method (second column) compares every pair of ballparks head-to-head. For example, Angel Stadium is ranked ahead of Chase Field in 18 lists and behind Chase Field in 9 lists; the two are tied in 1 list, and are unranked relative to each other in 3 lists. Angel Stadium's "win" proportion vs Chase Field is then (18 + 1/2) / (18+9+1) = 0.596 where ties are counted as half a win. The sum of Angel Stadium's win proportions vs. all parks is its total score. In the specific case where all input rankings are complete (no ties, no tiered rankings, no missing parks), this method yields the same results as the classic Borda Count, equivalent to sorting by average rank.

The "balanced" method is similar to pseudo-Borda but reduces the effect of "outlier" rankings so that a park's overall score won't be thrown off too much by a few anomalously good or bad numbers.

The Kemeny-Young method (Kemeny rule) minimizes the number of instances in which a pair of parks are in one order in an input ranking and in the opposite order in the aggregate ranking.

Because some of the input rankings are a few years old, recently renovated parks such as Kauffman Stadium might be a bit shortchanged in this analysis.

PNC Park AT&T Park Fenway Park Wrigley Field Camden Yards Target Field Coors Field Citizens Bank Park Safeco Field Petco Park Yankee Stadium Citi Field Busch Stadium Comerica Park Kauffman Stadium Marlins Park Dodger Stadium Progressive Field Rangers Ballpark Minute Maid Park Great American BP Miller Park Turner Field Nationals Park Angel Stadium Chase Field US Cellular Field Rogers Centre Tropicana Field Coliseum 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Pairwise Comparison Score Ballpark Balanced Pseudo-Borda
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